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"Great service, good quality Puja Saamagri. Nice to see adoption of technology & service levels by Pandit Service providers."
Aparna S Sanganabatla
  • How to Book Puja?
    1. Search... your preferred Puja in the Search Bar Section on Home Page Header Section 2. Searching for your preferred Puja on the Service Page Tab 3. Filling out Booking Form inFooter Section and share with us 4. Emailing us at 5. Connect with us on Whatsapp Chat Bot Once we receive your any of the above communication, we will contact you to confirm the date & time of the puja...
  • How do I know if Puja Services is Confirmed ? What is the Process ?
    Once you Book a Puja, you can expect to receive a phone call to confirm details of date, time, Host address. If you have not been able to make the payment for payment due to any reason, we will share a payment link with you to make the Puja Booking / Advance Payment. Once Booking Payment Transaction if completed, you will receive an email confirmation with payment details, date, time and address as confirmed on phone call.
  • How early can i book a puja ?
    You can book a puja at Vedic Vidhi at 60 days prior to the date of the puja. We recommend booking as early as possible to ensure the availability of our puja services.
  • How late can i book a puja?
    You can book a puja up to 36 hours in advance. If you would like to book a puja on the same day, please call us at +1 (123) 456-7890 & we will do our best to accommodate your request. No Refunds are possible in case of cancellation of this puja booking
  • Is Puja cancellation Free?
    Yes there is not cancellation charges, its free, 10 days prior to date of Puja. Kindly email us at for cancellation or rescheduling the Puja date
  • What are the cancellation charges?
    A cancellation charge of 25% on the total cost of the service will be charged, if cancelled anytime in 7 days period prior to date ot Puja.
  • Is Cancellation Free how to get cancellation refund?
    Cancellation Charges - 50% cost of Services & 50% cost of Product will be charged, if cancelled in the 48 hour window period prior to Puja Date. In case you want to reschedule or cancel the booking please email us atleast 10 days in advance to avoid cancellation charges (25% of Service Value & 50% of Product Value)
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