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Udak Shaanti

Udaka Shanti is done for auspiciousness before the beginning of any important ritual especially marriages, thread ceremonies etc. Udaka Shanti uniqueness is in inviting all the deities into the Kalash of water after the Agra Puja of Lord Ganesh.

Udaka Shanti Puja is considered a ritual to bring peace and harmony to the devotee's life. The primary purpose of the puja is to protect the individual or family performing this ritual from bad happenings and evil spirits.



  • Sankalpa

  • Aachamanam mantras

  • Asthapana

  • Recitation of mantras from Yajurveda

  • Recitation of 1441 Mantras of Vedic Essence, over period of 2-3 Hours

  • Havana for peace and harmony

  • Aarti session of Lord Shiva and Agnee Devta

Udak Shaanti

₹23,000.00 Regular Price
₹19,780.00Sale Price
    • 4 Guruji

    • Dakshina

    • Traveling Charges

    • High Quality Puja Samagri

    • Vedic Paathashala certified & experienced priests

    • Vedic Rituals, Standards & Procedure

    • Guaranteed Punctuality & Authenticity

    • Satisfactory Explanation-Guidance & Support

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