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Griha Pravesh, Copper Kalash, Coconut, Flowers, Mango Leaves

Griha Pravesh performed before starting to live in a new house whether rented or owned.  Performed in auspicious date compatible with the Janma Nakshatra of the couple/Karta.


Process of cleansing the new house with Vedic Mantras, bestows the Vaastu with holy vibrations in the surroundings & seeks divine blessings. Aims to please the planets and the Gods, and attract good fortune. Involves Vastu Shanti and Navagraha havans.



  • Swastivachan

  • Maha Sankalp

  • Dwaar Puja & Kalash Parikrama

  • Griha Pravesh

  • Kitchen Puja

  • Milk Boiling Ceremony

  • Ganesh Puja

  • Kalash Pujan

  • Aarti & Pushpanjali

Griha Pravesh

    • Guruji & Dakshina

    • Traveling Charges

    • High Quality Puja Samagri

    • Vedic Paathashala certified & experienced priests

    • Vedic Rituals, Standards & Procedure

    • Satisfactory Explanation-Guidance & Support

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